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Upper West Side

The Upper West Side is located to the west of Central Park and above Columbus Circle. It is an affluent, primarily residential area. Many Upper West Side residents commute to commercial district of Midtown and Lower Manhattan for work. With the Riverside Park along the Hudson River, the Upper West Side has more green than other areas. With Columbia University located at the north end of the neighborhood, and Lincoln Center located at the south end, it is also considered to be NYC's cultural and intellectual hub.

Columbus Circle

Columbus Circle


Tranquil Residential Streets

The Upper West Side is also a family-friendly neighborhood. The local's favorite park, Riverside Park South, is full off nature and provides a stunning view of the Hudson River view where many people go to the riverside path for family outings, jogging, and dog-walking. This neighborhood belongs to a good school district with the famous public elementary school “PS 87” and several high-ranking private schools. Columbia University and Juilliard School also make Upper West Side a sophisticated intellectual district.

Lincoln Center is a 16.3-acre building complex which offers a variety of performances including jazz, ballet, and opera. It attracts music and performing art lovers around the world for its world-class performances. Another city landmark, Dakota House is one of the most prestigious residential buildings in the City which was built in 1884. It's notable residents includes Yoko Ono. There is a tribute to John Lennon in Strawberry Fields which was built closely to the Dakota House at the entrance of Central Park West.


Tranquil Residential District

While Upper West Side is mainly residential, there are many commercial retail buildings in the southern areas. Time Warner Center located at Central Park South is a prime shopping center in NYC. This twin-towers building offers over 50 retail shops and restaurants, and an organic supermarket, Whole Foods Market, at the lower concourse level. Besides that, there are restaurants, movie theater, stores including home goods retailer on Broadway. However, the northern area above 72nd Street is completely residential.


American Museum of Natural History is famous from its appearance for the movie Night at the Museum (2006), and it is one of the largest museums in the world. The vicinity is called “museum district” and there are zoning restrictions that ban tall buildings in this area in order to preserve historical low-rise houses. Another notable building in the area is the Empire Hotel. It became famous as many films and TV shows were filmed inside the building, such as CW's TV series” Gossip Girl.”

American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History

Food & Drinks

Many Choices of Grocery Stores

Above 72nd Street along Broadway, there are many grocery stores that offer high quality food. Zabar's located at 80th Street is a family grocery store which was founded in 1934 and popular for their selections of bagels, smoked fish, and cheese. On Columbus Avenue, there are many cozy cafes and restaurants that are popular among local college students.



Located underground by the Columbus Circle subway station, Turnstyle Underground Market, is a market that opened in 2016. It features curated independent retail shops, food vendors, coffee, and sweets along with a dining space for busy commuters. There are many other popular food spots in the Upper West Side such as the posh American brunch restaurant, Sarabeth's, and the authentic bagel store, Barney Greengrass.


Turnstyle Underground Market


1 train 2 train 3 train A train C train B train D train

Columbus Circle station at 59th Street offers seven subway lines that go through Manhattan. The 1, 2, and 3 trains run north and south of Broadway, and the 2 and 3 trains run express. The A, B, C and D trains run north and south of Central Park and downtown Manhattan along Eighth Avenue.

Subway: 1 to 66th St.-Lincoln Center | 1,2,3 to 72nd St. | B, C to 72nd St. | 1 to 79th St. | B, C to 81st St. | 1 to 86th St. | B, C to 86th St. | 1,2,3 to 96th St. | B, C to 96th St. | B, C to 103rd St. | 1 to 103rd St. | B, C to 103rd St. | 1 to 110th St. | B, C to 110th St. 1 to 66th St.-Lincoln Center | 1,2,3 to 72nd St. | B, C to 72nd St. | 1 to 79th St. | B, C to 81st St. | 1 to 86th St. | B, C to 86th St. | 1,2,3 to 96th St. | B,C to 96th St. | B,C to 103rd St. | 1 to 103rd St. | B,C to 103rd St. | 1 to 110th St. | B,C to 110th St.

Japanese Store = Japanese Store

Upper West Side

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