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Westchester County is one of the central counties within the New York State metropolitan area. The county is positioned near New York City with Nassau county and Suffolk county (on Long Island, across Long Island Sound) to its south; Putnam County to its north; Fairfield County, Connecticut to its east; and Rockland County and Bergen County, New Jersey across the Hudson River to the west. This luxury residential area with a lot of nature is located just 3 kilometers away from Manhattan, and it is popular for families with children.


Japanese community in an affluent neighborhood

Due to its good school district, many families choose to live in this area, and there is a well-established Japanese community in the neighborhood also. The county is considered to be wealthy in that the average income per household in the county is considerably higher than the state average. Compared to Manhattan, the populations of Asians, Hispanics, and African Americans are much lower.


Mini Japanese Town

Due to the many Japanese restaurants, supermarkets, and Japanese schools in the area, there are also neighborhoods that are referred to as a "Mini Japanese Town."
Since it is an affluent neighborhood with safe and good environment, the rent in this area is relatively high. There are many Single Family Houses, Two Family Houses and Duplex Two Family Houses in this area, and there are not many rental options for a small property in this area.


Houses surrounded by Nature

There are a lot of Single Family Houses with a garden in this area due to there being an abundance of land compared to NYC. Westchester is surrounded by nature and there are many parks located near the waters.
It is also known that former president Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, bought a mansion in this area. The area's schools are always top class in the United States and Keio Academy of New York is also located in this area.


You can get to Manhattan in about 30 minutes to an hour by train. Having a car to get around in this neighborhood is convenient, but there are three Metro North Railroad lines available also: the Hudson Line, the Harlem Line, and the New Haven Line. You can easily access Grand Central Station in Midtown East by using any one of these lines.

Food & Drinks

Shopping Mall and Japanese Market

Cost of living in Westchester is a little higher than that of Manhattan. There are huge shopping malls, Japanese supermarkets, and Japanese restaurants in the area that is accessible within 30 minutes by car.

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