Apartment Renovation Service, Sumitomo Real Estate Sales NY

Renovation Service

Renovation with Sumitomo Real Estate Sales N.Y.

  1. Consultation

    Consulting your renovation plans and requests via email, over the phone and/or in person.
  2. On-site Meeting

    A designer and a contractor inspect site condition and take measurements in order to create an estimate.
  3. Design & Estimate

    Discussion about estimate and design. *revise them until agreed by client. Will work on deciding materials upon approval of an estimate.
  4. Contract

    Client signs on a contract and decide renovation schedule.
  5. Document Permission

    Submit necessary document: Scope of work, COI, Worker's comp, Deposit / fee etc. to the building to obtain approval for the renovation work.
  6. Construction

    Start construction: Will be inspected by the designer and Sumitomo staff periodically.
  7. Inspection

    The designer and Sumitomo staff will inspect site with client.

What to prepare for renovation


1. Visualize your ideal renovation

List renovation priorities for both practical and design purpose.

2. Gather information and images

It will be helpful to gather complete renovation images *(Pinterest, Instagram) and research materials; it can affect your budget.

3. Determine your Budget

You need to figure out the amount and to allocate it accordingly. You may need to empty the house and add temporary housing fees, as well.


4. Scheduling

Decide when to start renovation and prepare.*There are often unexpected delays during construction.

5. During Renovation

Your house/apartment will be a construction site, make sure to keep personal belongings at a safe area. Clear the area for the contractors.

6. Renovation at Co-op & Condominium

Each building has own regulations, read Building Alteration Agreement carefully to understand.
Some strict building management require additional fees for permitting electrical and plumbing works.
There are usually fees and deposit required to pay to the management company and the building.

Example of Renovated Room

For any inquiries regarding renovation services,