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Commercial Real Estate

Our commercial division was established in 1990 when we purchased several office buildings in Washington D. C. and New York for investment. The purpose of the division was geared to support and assist Japanese investing in US real estate.

Throughout the daily operation and management of our own investment portfolio and Japanese investment, our division has established and built relationships with regional real estate firms, management firms and construction entities. Based on our management of portfolio experiences, we have been providing firms with services such as brokerage and consulting for investing in US real estate and establishing investment programs. Also, we have been providing assistance to investors with coordinating and arranging for various financial transactions.

US commercial real estate transactions tend to be are very complicated in terms of legal aspects and business customs. We make an effort to provide customers who plan to invest or set up businesses here with our experienced know how.

Our brokerage and consulting businesses are divided into 3 categories; leasing, investment, and financing;

  1. Leasing (office, retail, and industrial)
  2. Investment (office, hotel, residential, and development)
  3. Financing (office, hotel, multi-family and new development)


Leasing generally is negotiated between landlord or landlord's exclusive agent and tenant's agent regarding rental terms and conditions. For example, leasing office space for the purpose of setting up or relocating an office will deal with various steps as shown below;

  • Office costs comparison of each listings as per our current database.
  • Negotiation of terms and conditions with landlord agent.
  • Assisting with lawyers negotiating lease agreement.
  • Follow up assistance for tenant's construction and move in.
  • After care follow up of move in.

Investment Sales

Our professionals provide investors with brokerage and consulting services in terms of investing in office buildings, hotels, housing, and various new developments;

  • Conduct general basic research and search investment properties.
  • Contact with a potential seller with regard to investment property.
  • Pursue negotiation with the seller by submitting a proposal consistent with the investors' objectives.
  • Conduct and coordinate due diligence (cash flow analysis, tenant leases, building vendors, etc.)
  • Assist with lawyers negotiating purchase agreement.
  • Coordination with a financial institution/lender.
  • Assist with closing and other services including managing the property.


  • Assist with the underwriting and analysis of the property on behalf of the investor.
  • Prepare the loan package for submission to the financial institution/lender.
  • Assist with due diligence in connection with the lenders requirements.
  • Assist with the lawyer's negotiating the loan agreement.
  • Assist the attorney with all closing matters.

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