Yoon Ha

ユーン ハ
O: 212.596.0821
M: 917.312.0722

Yoon Ha has been working in real estate in the Manhattan area for 21 years. A licensed broker, Yoon is fluent in 3 languages; Korean, Japanese and English, and is part of Sumitomo's International Division as a Director. She believes that in order to be successful in real estate, one must provide clients with sufficient quality time. In order to do so, she maintains good relations with her clients by being attentive to their needs and working very hard on their behalf. She believes that her past success in real estate is due largely to her willingness to provide the time and attention required by each type of transaction. Whether she is involved with townhouses, luxury condos or apartment buildings, future clients are assured to receive the type of service and dedication from Yoon that each and every one of her past clients have received.

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Languages Spoken:言語:    English
Address 住所 (ID) Neighborhood エリア Ownership 物件の種類
Rooms 部屋数  Beds BR数 Baths バス数 
220 Riverside Boulevard Upper West Side Condo
444 West 19th Street Chelsea Condo
225 Fifth Avenue Flatiron District Condo
220 Riverside Boulevard Upper West Side Condo
155 West 71st Street Upper West Side Condo
310 East 46th Street Turtle Bay Condop
200 Chambers Street Tribeca Condo
445 Fifth Avenue Murray Hill Condo
330 East 38th Street Murray Hill Condo
200 Chambers Street Tribeca Condo